MailBigFile Desktop App

Adobe Air Sending Adobe Air Address Book

Available for both Pro and Business users, the MailBigFile desktop app allows you to send files without having to open your browser.

Please note that currently only Pro or Business customers can use this app.

Please click the Download button below to download the latest stable version of the app. The app currently requires Adobe Air to operate. You can download it here if you do not already have it installed.

We are also in the process of developing a new app, which does not require Adobe Air to operate. It should also allow for faster uploads speeds for those outside of Europe and allows you to send files as a single zip.

However please note that the new app is in its early beta stages, which means that there may be a few unforseen issues that occur.

If you would like to download the latest version of the new desktop app, please use the download links below.

For a list of changes, please see the Change Log.