How Does MailBigFile Work?

MailBigFile enables the user to send large files up to 100GB in size, over the Internet. Using this system you can bypass any limits that may be imposed by your email system.

How MailBigFile Works

Upload files using your MailBigFile Pro or Business account.

How MailBigFile Works

Your files are uploaded with 128-bit SSL encryption.

How MailBigFile Works

Your files are stored on the MailBigFile servers with 256-bit AES encryption.

How MailBigFile Works
How MailBigFile Works

Your recipient receives an email containing a link to the files.

How MailBigFile Works

Clicking the link will take you to the file download page.

How MailBigFile Works

Your files are downloaded from our servers to your computer using 128-bit SSL encryption.

Did you know?

The Business account gives you the ability to brand and customise the colours on your very own send and receive pages. You also get a custom URL with your business account, such as

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You can also use the free version of MailBigFile (no registration) to experience the service without committing to an account.

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