Copyright Counter Notice Notification

If MailBigFile has removed material you have uploaded to your MailBigFile account because we have received a copyright notice, you have the right to provide us with a counter claim.

Please bear in mind that submitting a counter claim may lead to legal proceedings between you and the complaining party and may lead to adverse legal consequences if a false or bad faith claim is made by you. As such, it is suggested that you seek legal advice before submitting a counter claim. In most circumstances we will email you when a copyright claim is made against a file you have uploaded with details of how to contact the complaining party.

When submitting your counter claim, the following must be included:

  1. A statement indicating that you have good faith belief that the material was removed as a result of a mistake or misrepresentation.
  2. The specific URL (internet address) of the file in question.
  3. Your full name, address, telephone number (including country code) and country of residence.
  4. Your username, which in most cases will be your email address.
  5. Your email address if this is not your username.
  6. A statement acknowledging that you consent to having your details passed over to the complaining party.

We will only accept a counter notification from the user whose account was used to upload the file. If you are not the account holder for the file please do not use this form.

To expedite this process please fill in the form as accurately as possible. Any discrepancies with the information entered can slow down the resolution process.

Copyright Counter Notification Form

Once received, unless the party claiming to own the copyright in the material files an action seeking a court order against you, we'll pass on your details to the agent or company who filed the original copyright complaint who will then follow it up with you. MailBigFile may then reinstate the material in question at our discretion.