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What is the MailBigFile Pro Account?

The MailBigFile Pro Account allows you to send big files up to 4GB each in size. You are greeted with a clean and easy to use interface, with no advertising where you can send multiple files with ease.

With the ability to track your files, re-send them, forward them, zip them, store them and share them to twitter and facebook, the feature list is bursting at the seams.

The Benefits of our Pro Account

Pro Account BenefitsIncluded
HTML5 Uploader - Drag and Drop Files!Yes
Send BIG files - up to 4GB per file!Yes
Unlimited - transfer as many files as you like! (10 at a time.)Yes
Encrypted transfer using 128-bit SSL and 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256)Yes
Download Notifications - Receive an email notification when your file is downloadedYes
Pro Support - Fast responseYes
Upload HistoryYes
File Tracking - full history of your file including when it was downloadedYes
Files are available to download for up to 28 daysYes
Address Book - add, edit and remove email addressesYes
Quick Links - Receive download link once file is uploadedYes
Each file can be downloaded up to 50 timesYes
Permanent Storage - Keep files permanently (1 GB in total - increase on request)Yes
ZIP Multiple Files on upload to send them as a single fileYes
No Advertising - No banners, no adverts, just a great user experience.Yes
Audit Log - Full audit log of account activityYes
Delete filesYes
Send to up to 5 recipients per fileYes
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