Web site monitoring - Featured in a survey of the uptime of 16 online storage services.

"The service with the best uptime [MailBigFile] only had five minutes of downtime in three months, while the service with the worst uptime had more than 66 hours of downtime during the same period." View

The Kim Komando Show

Kim Komando

Top US Radio Show - Features MailBigFile as 'Kool Site Of The Day'.

"It's just so easy! And, MailBigFile accepts files up to two gigabyte in size. I think you'll be as impressed as me." View

BBC Radio 2 - Steve Wright

UK's most popular radio station declares MailBigFile as 'Website Of The Day'.

BBC Radio 2
"This is a useful one, this service overcomes email restrictions by allowing you to upload your file to a secure area of their site, and simply email the download link which allows the recipient to download the file." View


Macworld UK, feature MailBigFile.

"This service is a free and secure web-based solution for transferring large files up to 2GB in size. It's intended for pro users looking to transfer huge chunks of data that go beyond the maximum message sizes accepted by some ISPs." View

MacUser Magazine

Macuser, reviewed MailBigFile in it's March 06 issue.

"..an easy-to-use web-based application.." "..the way it works is very simple.." "..the one we ourselves use.."

1st Byte Digital Printers

1st Byte, a leading UK digital printers, were one of our first Business Account customers and have been with us ever since. Have a look at their case study here.

1st Byte
"Fast, easy to use interface for supplying us large files for print."


"Practical and efficient in sending those files deemed too large, a lot quicker too."

The Guardian

"A really useful service, essential when sending large files."

Hollywood Monster

Hollywood Monster are the largest graphics solutions business in Birmingham and have customised their Business Account to fit in with their own site.

"I am very impressed with the customer service and speed at which you have sorted this for us – thank you very much."

Impression House

Impression House, a print company in Botswana, Africa, love our service!

Impression house
"MailBigFile has been a big hit with our clients! Thanks to the MailBigFile Team!"

Cheryl Flinn

Cheryl is a web developer from Idaho and has been using our service for several years.

"Your service has been so utterly reliable, I've never had to call upon you!"

Joyce Anne Laird

Joyce Anne Laird, a freelance journalist in Los Angeles, California, writes on our Facebook page:

"As a freelance journalist working the international market, I simply can't live without MailBigFile. Wouldn't know what to do if you were not there and always delivering perfect service."